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Smacked bums and Baby steps!
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For the last 2 weeks Pudz has been so naughty. I've never been so stressed in my life. Nothing works on this kid. Take his toys away, he steals his little brothers. Put him in his bedroom, he turns it upside down. Give him a stern talking too, I cop attitude back. I used to get a smack on the ass as a kid, and when my parents laid down the law, I did as I was told. This kid is getting is getting out of control. I overheard a mum at playcentre (yes, I'm still going there) say he has ADD. Another mum asked me if he is autistic. WTF!!! No, he just needs a good smack on the ass and to learn some effing boundaries. Of course I can't say that. We have anti-smacking laws in this country that prevent responsible parents from disciplining their children. I think a good parent knows the difference between a smack and beating their child senseless. I don't enjoy disciplining my boy, but sometimes he goes too far. I was told "Oh, he's only 3. He doesn't understand right from wrong." Uh-huh. Yeah right.

I think he's bored so as of next week he's being enrolled in a proper kindergarten. He'll go 3 afternoons a week, and then next year he'll go 3 full days. I'm really excited for him. He's going to love it. I'm very scared though because I've never left him before. I think his recent behaviour is a sign that we both need a break from each other. I cried just filling out the enrolment forms, imagine how I'm going to be next Monday. T.K is going to take him there. I'm sad that I won't be there to settle him in but we both decided that he's more likely to accept Daddy leaving him there because Daddy goes to work everyday and still comes back. Makes sense, but really sucks.

I'm looking forward to spending one on one time with Mooch. He's 13 months already and took his 1st steps yesterday. I cried of course. I don't think I ever cried this much until I became a Mum. Now, I cry over the littlest things. Even the happy stuff.

Oh, and I think I may've found my 1st grey hair. I pulled it out of course and inspected it closely. I'm trying to convince myself that it's blonde :)
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Yep! I'm still here!
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I've dedicated this week to my family.

No scrapbooking! No LJ! No fanfics!

OMG! There's a whole other world out there!

T.K bought me a new mp3. Pudz broke my ipod so my sexy other half bought me a Sony Walkman (not one of those boxy things from the early 90's). It's like an ipod but instead of itunes, everything is synced with Windows Media Player. I'm not that computer smart so T.K has been teachin me how to work it (in between lengthy romp sessions, ooh la la.)

I'm trying to cut out Pudz's afternoon naps. He has been staying awake until 10:30 at night so the 2 hour nap has to go. My house has looked like shite all week and Pudz is grumpy.

Mooch is almost walking. Lots of bumps to the head (and bruises too). He loves to climb. He's just not quite able too. Must be frustrating.

Anyways, I've got some baking to do for the local schools Gala day. They donate part of their profits to our Playcentre so I have to donate some baking. A double lot since I have 2 kids.

Signing off from LJ for today and donning the apron :)

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I'm so glad that damn U.S election is over! 

This time next week the New Zealand one will be over too and I may start to watch a little TV again.

Until then, any good fic recs?? Nothing too fluffy please, something angsty would be great.

if wishes were fishes
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I wish we celebrated Halloween in NZ. How fun it would be to dress up and get loads of candy.

I think I'd dress up like Bellatrix. Most mornings I wake up with her hairdo. I can think of a few people I'd like to crucio at the moment.

Sweet Dreams.

more memememememe!!!
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Answers to questions from magpie79 

1-whats your first name? No one calls me by my first name. It's been abbreviated twice and most of the time I just get called V.

2-whats the naughtiest thing you've ever done? Well, there's naughty and there's naughty. I've done loads of naughty things (nothing really stands out) and as for the other naughty things, T.K would die of shame if I told.

3-whats your biggest turn off? compulsive liars, thieves and men in g-strings (although Lucius in a white studded g-string as written by pittwitch  in Tomcats is kinda hot)
4-do you have siblings? I have a sister who is 7 years older than me (we don't talk), a brother that is 5 years older than me (he rarely talks to anyone) and a brother named Kev who was 3 years older than me but passed away from a rare kidney disease. I also have 3 ugly step sisters (not really worth a mention).

5-whats your favorite childhood memory? I was about 5. My brother Kev comes into my room and wakes me up and says "Wake up sweety, Santa's here, but you have to be really quiet."  He drags me up the hallway, quietly, around to the back entrance of the dining room and shows me my parents putting our presents under the tree. He then says " Don't say anything and we'll still get extra pressies at xmas." I kept the secret for another year or 2 until Mum heard me telling the girl from down the road about it. Every xmas I remember that and it always makes me laugh.

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1. Leave me a comment saying you want to do the meme.
2. I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You reply and update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

Okay, my answers to the questions asked by sbrande 

1. What made you move to NZ? T.K! I had another boyfriend at the time but was crushing on T.K. One day T.K told me he was leaving Sydney and was going back to NZ. I knew I couldn't let him go so I ditched the other bloke. After I did that, T.K says "I knew that would work." 6 months later we really did go to NZ for a holiday. 6 1/2 years later, we're still on holiday.

2. If you could choose one place in the world to live where would it be and why? I'm here and it feels homey.

3. Have you ever had a threesome? (interoperate this anyway you wish) Almost, but one guy couldn't get it up. LOL.

4. If you could be one animal, what would it be and why? Not sure. But I'd like to be a nocturnal one. I function better at night.

5. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why? I think I'd like to be organised. At present the boys and I really need to be working to a timetable. I'm just too busy to sit down and write one out (not too busy to answer memes though, LOL)

I've not yet seen all of Rickman (but I'd like to)
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Stolen from Shez!!!

</a></font></b></a>maddie50  has a challenge for the Rickman-obsessed among us.  Take a look at this list of his oeuvre - bold all that you have seen, underlining the one you saw first.

01. Bottle Shock (2008)
02. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
03. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)
04. Nobel Son (2007)
05. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)
06. Snow Cake (2006)
07. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
08. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
09. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

10. Something the Lord Made (2004)
11. Love Actually (2003)
12. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
13. "King of the Hill" (2002)
14. The Search for John Gissing (2001)
15. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
16. We Know Where You Live (2001)
17. Blow Dry (2001)
18. Help, I'm a fish! (2000)
19. Play (2000)
20. Galaxy Quest (1999)
21. Dogma (1999)
22. Dark Harbor (1998)
23. Judas Kiss (1998)
24. The Winter Guest (1997)
25. Michael Collins (1996)
26. Rasputin (1996)
27. Sense and Sensibility (1995)
28. An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)
29. Mesmer (1994)
30. "Fallen Angels" (1993)
31. Bob Roberts (1992)
32. Close My Eyes (1991)
33. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
34. Closet Land (1991)
35. Truly Madly Deeply (1990)
36. Quigley Down Under (1990)
37. The January Man (1989)
38. Revolutionary Witness (1989)
39. Spirit of Man (1989)
40. Die Hard (1988)
41. "Girls on Top" (1985)
42. Pity in History (1985)
43. The Barchester Chronicles (1982)
44. "Smiley's People" (1982)
45. "Thérèse Raquin" (1980)
46. Romeo & Juliet (1978)

That's quite alot of AR I've not yet seen. I'm highlighting Dogma in Purple because it's my all-time fav and Perfume in Green because I hated it.

Happy Birthday Mooch!!!
Angel Snape

Huge cuddles and smooches go out to the worlds cutest baby boy ever. My little Mooch is turning One tomorrow!

I've been bawling on & off for days now. I just don't want him to grow up. He's at such a fun age. Talks too much, follows his big brother everywhere, tries to walk but spends alot of time on his ass :)

I'm really sad at the moment. Stress & PMS! Not a great combination.

Hope you're all well. Sorry for the lack of posts and comments lately. No-one has de-friended me yet. I'm taking that as a good sign.


Happy Birthday Kev
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I Love U

I Miss U

Birthday Hugs!
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It's willowfaerie2  's birthday. Happy Birthday Skunk Girl! Hope it's a great one.


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